Ameshirel: A World Undone

Session #18: Fort Caomhnir Pt. 1

The party adventures to Fort Caomhnir in the north and finds the place in desolation. There is evidence that suggests the inhabitants all fled, but also much to suggest they were all killed (though they didn’t seem to take their possessions with them if the former is true, and there is not enough bodies for the later to be true).

Investigation turns up a record from General Duri – the leader of the Fort – that many soldiers were going AWOL during the night and curfews and measures were taken to keep them within the barracks. Things became violent as the soldiers were determined to leave, called out by some strange siren song.

General Duri was found in a dishevelled state, and attempted to attack the party. She was subdued and explained that the soldiers were being drawn away to the north. Jason was able to sense a dark presence to the north, and the party followed.

The party found “Atarin’s Delve”, a cave complex cut into the An Sleibte mountains were the presence was coming from. They ventured within and had a very difficult fight on their hands against bandits and ratmen. The party barely escaped with their lives, as the ganging abilities of the bandits overwhelmed them.


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