Ameshirel: A World Undone

Session #19: Fort Caomhnir Pt. 2

The party returned to Atarin’s Delve to deal with the bandits. This time, they went in and used their combined attacking power to subdue great amounts of them. Njord was able to trap many ratmen and bandits in a miasma of dark water and magic, and Noam cleverly used a torn-off shield with a trap in it to destroy many of their foes.

With some of the enemy dead, the party explored, discovering a statue of a Lizardman with a keyhole in the top, and many traps. They also discovered a bolt-hole where a Hobgoblin prisoner, Blooded to the Carrion Lord, was being kept. He said he was the slave wizard of Atarin, the cruel master of the dungeon. Noam and Njord killed him as he was attempting to bargain and cheat them. Noam drank his blood, and took a further step on the road to divinity.

Laithina and Sigil, after encountering and deactivating magical pillars that induced sleep, disturbed a vault room which contained a floating orb belonging to Mother Make Me, as well as the ghoulish guardians of that place.

Combat was joined, and there was much damage done but Laithina managed to get hold of the orb – which she identified as being Merah’s Gall, a magical orb which can enthral those who look upon it – and pacified the ghouls, allowing the party to destroy them. The orb seemed to be the source of the siren’s song that was drawing the soldiers away from the Fort. They found a heap of treasure, and fled with Atarin hot on their heels, though the party vowed to return.


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