Ameshirel: A World Undone

Session #21: Treda, the Blooded of Lord Velvet

The party decided to go to Choinnail and deal with Treda, the Blooded of Lord Velvet they had heard was in possession of The Grey King.

On the way through the mountain pass, they discovered a row of hobgoblin heads outside An Geartha and a message saying “Ommga in Kharge!” which foretells a new leader in the depths of An Geartha. additionally, they passed through Airgead where they heard many reports of Undead in the hills, spilling out of the old mine, and the party was reminded that they needed to go in there and deal with the ancient mines that were discovered within.

The party adventured on and crossed Laoch’s Crossing, the haunted bridge leading into Iarann Barony. On the other side, past a small forest, the party was spotted by a scout who fled forward towards Choinnail. The party captured a horse on the road, and continued forward where they met a shepherd who seemed suspicious of them and gave them false information to trap them.

The party then encountered a baggage train of refugees heading in from the coast. They said their homes, and many other villages, were being raided by terrible fish-like creatures all up along the coast and the surrounding islands. The party aided them, and led them onwards towards Choinnail. Once there, they discovered a huge refugee city on one side of the road, and a massive army being amassed on the other. The army seemed to be headed for Sabhail in the coming weeks, from what the party could tell.

At the gates, they were stopped and extorted, but with the clever work of Sigil enthralling the gatekeeper, and Vinnie bribing another guard, they got through with the refugees in toe. The refugees went their own way (but remain friends within the walls) and the party went to a tavern. There, they encountered a group of prostitutes and other helpful patrons who gave them information about Treda – apparently he is the Baron’s Vizier!

The party got very drunk and split up, with Njord talking to a guard outside the palace walls, Noam and Sigil befriending the prostitutes and “getting a job” within the walls, and Johannesz writing a suicide note for the Vizier – which was sadly never used. Vinnie also climbed onto a roof to get a better look, but realised it was very late, and he couldn’t see far.

The party managed to get inside the palace walls, and infiltrated the Vizier’s tower, pretending to be an exotic barbarian sex group so they could keep their weapons. However, it seemed that Treda was strangely precognisant of the parties approach (perhaps it was that escaped scout earlier?!) and welcomed them inside. He seemed to have a small child with him, which he said was the Grey King.

However, when asked why he hadn’t killed the Grey King yet, he replied that he needed a “pin” from the Green Mummer – another of the Greyguard. The room exploded into violence, and Treda’s minions fought strongly. Treda himself seems to be a very powerful Warlock, and managed to harm the party drastically. The “Grey King” revealed a sharp and deadly green needle from his palm and proceeded to slay many of the minions.

Unfortunately the party had to retreat before being able to slay him, and the party vowed to return to kill him. The “Grey King” also fled out the window before turning into a green bird and flying away, giving credence to a theory that it wasn’t the Grey King, but actually the Green Mummer all along.


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