Ameshirel: A World Undone

Session 22 or, My Oh Myconids

Eat shit and die seneshal

(Details may be wrong as my recollection is foggy as I have been putting this off)

Ok. The gang made their down to Doracha to finally confront the minor issue of the expanding funghi army (fungarmy). Bivouak had actually been here not long ago, finding himself, but unfortunately that inner retrospection meant he had no useful information to relay to us about our potential enemies. Enemies, I might add, who we had decided we would try our hardest not to kill all of, as we can be reasonable beings. Occasionally. This meant we went in with trepidation and care, and that helped as it meant we made our way right inside of Doracha, which I think was quite lucky. We met Mushy and eventually we also met with The Protagonist, our second favourite myconid, as he seems sensible and like a fun guy (geddit????).

At this point it feels imperative to mention that Bivouak had had a vision of darkness and the protagonist fostering and shielding a small light from dark. This made us warm to him. We did not feel the same way about the Seneshel. Speaking of whom, he appeared as we were having moments with Mushy. AND GUESS WHO WAS WITH HIM!?

Father effing SOL BAN. Laithina was quick to antagonise her by asking about her decapitated sister, only to be disturbed when Sol Ban responded by insinuating that she was still alive… but also still decapitated. This revelation caused the group to decide to split up at their earliest convenience, with some going to see if they could figure out where Ban Sol might have been… the number one suggestion being the room that Jason could sense magic seeping into or something.

The others sadly found themselves attending Mushy’s final breaths and funeral. It was sad and tense, and then crazy as Mushy wasn’t quite dying and the Seneshal bastard wanted to speed up the process, with Sol Ban’s haggy help. BUT THEY UNDERESTIMATED OUR POWERS AND OUR ANGER. And we decimated them with minimal bloodshed of innocent myconids. The Protagonist was found leader, and Mushy respawned, perhaps?

But jumping to the magic room, these guys were fighting a headless Ban Sol. Fights, pew, pew. Dead Ban Sol.

Back to the funeral. We were so close to killing Sol Ban, and Noam was so angry that when Sol Ban was about to make an escape to the Fae wilds she ran and tackled her… and in the process her gnomy magic caused the two to fall into the shadow realm (?), where hopefully Noam is ok, and Sol Ban has perished like the fae dummy she is.


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