Aishling Geal


An attractive Hill Dwarf Cleric, Aishling grew up the son of the wealthy Brewmaster Beoir Máistir. Though he was groomed to take over his families empire, however as he grew Aishling, who was often teased for having a name usually used for girls (His father believed this would help him grow up strong) found solace in a local temple dedicated to The Reaper and Sower.

In the presence of The Reaper and Sowers Solemn Statues ( A Cloaked figure with a Scythes raised in one hand, and seed falling from the other) he found contentment. So Aishling decided to Dedicate his life to this god.

Ashling’s father was not happy about this decision, and seeing that there was no “talking sense” into Aishling he banished him from the family. So in the presence of the Statue Aishling took the name “Geal” which means light, for he wanted to be the shining light of his god.

In the years that followed Aishling curiosity grew and grew, he started becoming interested in other religions and how they worked. Not enough to abandon his god, but enough to start studying them as well.

After years of happy service to his church, defending it and conversing/debating with its priests, They came to him with grave news. They had reason to believe that something terrible had happened to the gods, and that they heard news of a group of “God’s Blood” as they called them, had started making a name for themselves. They had decided to choose Aishling to go and seek them out, and to find evidence of what has happened to their god.

Aishling agreed to go, he told the Priests that it was solely in service to their god, however that was only partly true, for the past few months Aishling has had dark dreams of a lone loom…calling to him.

Aishling Geal

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