Alin Fordaye

A fake-sorcerer, real-warlock, from Ngoc


Alin Fordaye is the great grandson of Wilarg Fordaye, a figure of legend in Ngoc. Wilarg sealed a portal of evil in the castle there, and Alin and his family have been next to nobility since.

Alin was masquerading as a sorcerer, and seemed to have some power and knowledge, though mostly he was just pleasant to be around and to talk to. However, he did summon two demons to kill the party when they discovered his secrets…

Alin was ousted as a warlock instead of the sorcerer he was claiming to be when [[Session #7 – Before the Gates of Madness | the party absolutely kicked his ass]]. However, he seemed repentant, and was allowed to live.


Alin Fordaye

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