The Ass-Bandit

Bandit King and Criminal Scum


A grey haired Donkey with a wicked gleam in his eye


Somehow through miraculous circumstances or a cruel practical joke this Donkey managed to be elected as a bandit king, Unfortunately for the land he actually somehow managed to be good at it the job.

A bounty was quickly placed on the Beast and word spread about this ‘Ass’ until it was brought to the attention of Statham who quickly sought out to capture this ‘Horrible piece of work’.

The Ass bandit was captured and brought in for bounty after Statham realized he wasn’t an ‘Ass’, but merely an Ass.

As it has Since become Apparent this is not an isolated incident, as a wizard has been providing higher thought to all manner of Animals.

Known Accomplices include:
The Cat-burglar (At Large)
The Ferocious Ferret (Detained)
The Tunnel Snakes (Group of 10 Snakes Impersonating a Lizard Man) (At Large)

The Ass-Bandit

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