Joan Jones

Constable Jones is Stathams partner


Joan Jones is an ex military Guards-woman who has been assigned as Stathams Partner/Handler for his investigations. She provides the police-work side of the Team rather then the brute force interrogation and capture employed by Statham

An adept fighter in her own right as she often needs to assist Statham in dealing out Justice when diplomacy fails, which is almost every time.


‘Jonesey if a fine Guardswoman and a upstanding officer of the Law.’ Stated Staham
‘Meaning that she will look away while I break each of your fingers in turn so she does not need to fill out the paperwork as a result of you not telling us where to find your boss, Isn’t that right Jonesey?’

The criminal glanced up at the guardswoman standing at the door as she turns to respond
‘Jason i have told you, time and time again.’ Jones replies sweetly ‘I only need to fill out paperwork if you kill him.’

The criminal grows pale ‘i-i-i’ll talk’

Joan Jones

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