"Minnow" Reed


“Minnow” Reed, a halfling sailor, pirate and silver tongued rogue came to Sabhail a few years ago. He set himself up as a person merchants could talk to to hire guards for their caravans or barges. Working out of Beor’s tavern mostly he made enough to live a comfortable if modest retirement far away from the sea. Never could forget it though. Not that he would share.

_Who’s it you lookin’ for?

Reeds wha? Oh! “Minnow” Reed! Ya I knows ‘im.

Used t’ be you could find ‘im here almost every day talkin’ t’ some merchant or mercenary. Beoir! ‘Nother round! ‘Tis a good story friend, wet your lips an’ let me ‘lighten you.

Where can you find ‘im now? Well tha’s a good questions in’ it. Might be you wanna check that building going up across th’ street an’ few doors down. You lookin’ to hire in or out?

Well most people who go lookin’ for “Minnow” either lookin’ to hire a guard, or hire out as one. You look like muscle to me but w’at do I know, I’m just a fisherman, lived here all me life… know almost everyone in town… but what would an ol’ fisherman like me know?

Great have a seat! Thanks Beoir, ol’ mate. Ya, ya, on the tab. Be settled end of the week. Promise. Now, ol’ “Minnow” Reed, ya, he’s been here for years. Saids he was a pirate afore. Came to Sabhail down Farraige way.

As a guard on a traidin’ boat o’cause, no the point.

Point is, when he got here he was quick fast at making friends. Got to know all the merchants in town and those passing through all regular like. He met all the mercs and strong arms that hire out as guards too. Afore long he was puttin’ the two groups together like, an’ making a tidy profit off it out o’ it.

Sure, course you knowin’ all that. But that’s where Sabhail’s Blooded come into th’ story.

Suren your knowin’ about Sabhail’s Blooded? Ya we collected a few over the last few months or so. Get to gether now an’ then t’ go ‘n’ dule five dragons at once! Or battle a demon all across Sleib for three days without rest!

No I’m not shittin’ ya! ‘S all true I say! Heard it from people who was dere!

No th’ point. No th’ point. But when you see ‘em riding th’ dragons you knows I be tellin’ true.

Ay, ay. No th’ point… Point is one of them blooded an ex-pirate too. ‘Im and “Minnow” see, they gots t’ talking, common ground ‘n’ all. Afore you knows it “Minnow” ‘s all friendly with several of them Blooded like. Now they all patronized “Minnow” ‘n’ help set up a guild hall for hirin’ mercenaries and stuff. Will be opening any day now with ol’ “Minnow” Reed as cap’ain.

Ay, th’ cap’ain hat suits ol’ “Minnow” Reed.

Drust, fisherman in Beoir’s Tavern, Sabhail

"Minnow" Reed

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