Mushy the hospitable Myconid!


Mushy the myconid is quick to listen, slow to talk, and even slower to act! Although he (it?) is a very hospitable myconid, he is often reluctant to act quickly without a firm grasp of his surroundings and situation. Recklessness is unknown to Mushy! But those few myconids who have the privilege to go out and adventure soon learn to act with less information if the situation forces them to, but a myconid like Mushy is cautious and diligent to a fault.

Mushy is one hard working mushroom! He prefers to finish an entire day’s work in one continuous action. When the day’s work is done his preferred form of recreation is a type of telepathically shared hallucination, but without other myconids to share the experience with he is likely to attempt to join in whatever form of recreation is common among those hosting him. Mushy is very laid back indeed! ^^

Mushy considers most people to be his friends, and he enjoys large gatherings. Though loyal to the bone, he will not fight to help a friend unless to defend that friend. An enemy of a friend is not an enemy to Mushy, but someone who attacks that friend is.

You don’t wanna see Mushy mad… or when he panics…



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