Thova Coingrip

Pissed off dwarven gambler


Dark brown hair, golden brown eyes and skin as rough as tree bark.

Dwarven skin ranges from deep brown to a paler hue tinged with red, but one glance at Thova and one can’t tell if her skin is naturally tinged red or if it is from the caked on dried blood of her foes.

Taller than most male dwarves and usually holding a bigger hammer, she is covered in expensive looking and masterfully crafted heavy dwarven armour from head to toe. This dwarf screams of wealth and power.

She is a renowned gambler too… perhaps that is how she came to such wealth.

Some say she attained her wealth through coin, and blood.


As her victims lie bloodied and bludgeoned before her…

She places her great hammer on their skulls, and drives her boot down onto the head of the hammer, slowly crushing the heads of the fallen, as they gasp for their last breath.

Gripping at their coin purses as sickening bone crunching sounds creak from beneath her massive hammer, she takes “her” gold and spits on their corpses; a truly ugly death.

Her coins stained in the blood of her enemies, she lives up to her clan name “Coingrip” in gory delight.

“Me bloody hammer is ready! Just make sure yer bloody gold is too…

Now…by Durin’s beard where the FUCK is that tree hugging dirt worshipping, clanless cunt, milk-drinking, beardless tit of a druid bitch gone eh!?


….I’ll take me coin back, and yer foul blood too".__

- Thova Coingrip

Thova Coingrip

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