Ameshirel: A World Undone

Session #8 - Jurassic Marches
In which we got Chris-Pratt up in here...

The adventure began with Laithina, Mourns, Noam Chopsky, Vinnie “F@#$ing” Jones and Njord Aldon sitting in Beoir’s Tavern. Bivouac Chopsky was also there, but was too busy to come along, so just had a friendly drink. The party got onto the subject of the Gnolls in Mor Faroais and decided they needed to find out what was causing them to leave Reims Pairc and enter the forest.

Vinnie spoke to a very knowledgable merchant who said he saw ‘Dragons’ in the plains, although described them as having thin snouts, only 2 legs and 2 stumpy arms, no wings, and no horns. That’s no Dragon – it’s a space station…

The merchant also introduced them to Atril, an Elven Mercenary (Rogue) who was to guide the party to the old “Railway Construction Site” in the west. The party set off the following morning on a barge headed that way, after which they went round the delta and moored in Leithinis. During his watch, Njord heard a screech from the cabins and woke everyone up. Inside, they discovered a small red ‘dragon-think’ breathing fire at the captain. Turns out it was a drake, and the pet of the captain. Everyone was confused, and went back to sleep shakily.

The next morning, Jason “O’padalin” Statham showed up on the docks in Leithinis and bribed his way on board the barge. He had been in the area for the last month hunting the infamous “Ass Bandit”, and was now free. After that, the barge set off again.

The barge stopped off at Carraig Croctha, a village where no one speaks, and the party rented a few horses then set off north. They arrived at the Railway Construction Site and were baffled by the strange tracks in the ground. They set up camp and held palaver, but shortly after were attacked by 5 creatures they discovered were dinosaurs!

After some sneaky spellwork by Mourns, and some clever caltroping by Vinnie, full combat broke out. Using clever tactics and a harpoon from Noam, the party fought well and only Jason suffered serious injuries (though he also brought down the hurt, and for a while there was fighting two fucking Allosauruses by himself, a feat no one else could have done). Vinnie used his new magical sword – Gorm – and made fucking rainbows everywhere, and Njord used his crazy hexes to level the playing field a bit. Atril failed miserably to land a hit, but distracted one long enough to only almost die, and allowed the party to take down the rest.

After the dust settled, the party looted the dinosaurs for meat, skins, bones and TREASURE. The next morning they went north to the hunting grounds and found a small odd pocket of primordial jungle (only a few metres wide), and inside were more dinosaur eggs. Clearly a different kind of Risen-Then, the party made sure to destroy it, but not before taking back 6 of the eggs.

Session #7 - Before the Gates of Madness
In which the party gets side-tracked...

The adventure began with a friendly few thousand beers at Beoir’s Tavern – as these things do. Originally the plan was to head to Caomhnir and investigate the disappearances of several men and women from the garrison. The party got ready, and headed out the door the following morning.

They decided to get horses, to cut down on travel time, and made a deal with a local cooper – ride the horses to Caomhnir and drop them off for only a few silvers each. A bargain!

However, halfway through their trip, the party arrived in Ngoc, a small farming village north of Sabhail, halfway on the road to the fort. Here they met a rather interesting group of people – including a Scofflaw (Gauwis) with a pet rat named Prose, a few mercenaries (Nerwenye and Gardo), a halfling eating a chicken, and a sour dwarf musician. They also found a ruined castle overlooking the village. Because adventurers can’t leave well enough alone, they began asking questions about the castle.

From their probing, they learned that there used to be a terrible darkness over the village, many generations ago, but the great grandfather of the current village leader sealed it shut. The village leader, Alin Fordaye, comes from a long line of Halfling Sorcerers, no less!

The party went to talk to Alin, and were charmed by his attempts to keep a giant growing plant at bay, and his willingness to be hospitable and house them. They asked about the castle, but got little more than a flowery history of his family – starting with the great grandfather – Wilarg.

Wilarg seems to have sealed behind a terrible evil in the castle, and locked it away for good. Laithina did some snooping around the house, and even though it was very rude, she discovered some incredibly important documents with strange writing and lots of notes on them. From her hunting, it seemed that Alin was looking into The Echoing – the home plane of Demons and Devils!

The party investigated the castle and discovered a massive silver door at the bottom of a stairwell which made many of the party have auditory hallucinations. Alin then took them back to his house and they talked about it more, discovering it was a dimensional seal, and that the strange writings were Abyssal. The party asked one to many questions, however…

After dinner, the party was sent to bed, where none of them rested easy. Then, suddenly, their door was locked from the outside and two massive red demonic beings filled the room. The party fought bravely, and between Bivouac, Laithina, Mourns and Noam Chopsky, they cut them down. Noam stole one of their iron-boned skulls to wear on her shoulder.

The party burst out of the room and found Alin fled towards the castle. They chased him and caught him with a powerful blow as he was descending the stairs to the dimensional door, holding a gemstone key in his hands. Defeated, Alin confessed that his great grandfather never sealed the door, but was present when the real wizards did it. His great grandfather then became beholden to the demons on the other side, and enslaved them to his power as a warlock. He then passed the arts down to his line.

The party took the key, and abated a possible demonic incursion. But they left Alin behind, repentant. And they also charged Nerwenye and Gardo, the two mercenaries from the tavern, with keeping an eye on things…

Session #6
I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

Vinnie $%&^ing Jones (that’s me!) and the gang started off in Sabhail. We’d heard a rumour about this blue knight innit’ knocking about in Sleib. We thought it would be a good idea to pop over the pond and knock some sense into this blue-$%#&er, maybe make some coin in return.

We set off after a session down at the pub, met up with a lad named Ohil, he let me and the gang jump aboard his barge and set sail to Sleib. Njord and Mourns continued to drink, which prompted Njord to try communicating with this old man-looking-turtle (who had a pretty one track mind).

We arrived in Sleib by night, so we decided to have a walk around the town, get accustomed to the place innit’. We noticed a few well dodgy characters, some guards pulling down posters of kids, which Bivouac could see were presumed missing. Most of us decided to call it a night and stay at Ohil’s house (remind me to shout this geezer a drink when I see him next). While a few of us wandered around the town. I, Vinnie $%#&ing Jones got well lost while trying to investigate those posters a little further. I got to a part of the town that seemed a bit well iffy. It looked like residents had left this part of the city, houses untouched for days, and zapped of their colour. I tried looking into one of the houses, when I heard a noise, I turned around and the blue-knight was there (you know the one we’d been trying to find, yeah that prick). I tried to reason with the git, but he wasn’t having any of it, the knight said he’d lost something, but believed I didn’t have it. Then he whipped out his big bulking blue sword, he seemed well unhappy. So I went to smash the $%#^er to pieces. We had a bit of a tussle, he was super fast, and he managed to knick me.

Before I knew it, I was at Ohil’s house (I’d been $%^$ing teleported) with a fresh wound. He was nice enough to send around a woman to patch me up, I explained I couldn’t actually feel any pain, but no one knew why. We asked her a few questions and she helped where she could, but I think we spooked the poor woman. We all had a pretty weird sleep that night, our dreams were filled with weird colours, mainly of blue, which didn’t really mean anything to us at the time. However Bivouac had dreamt’ of a little Fae child. In her dream she tried helping the child, but some guy, Lord Velvet (more like Lord Gaylord) took the Fae child away in his long moth-like winged arms and disappeared.

The following day the gang split up, a few of them wanted to go the big tower situated in the middle of Sleib, where the high-council presided, to make more sense of the knight. After some negotiations and a few tiffs with some of the members (one bitch walked out) they offered a handsome price for proof that the blue knight had been dealt with. The rest of us walked around the town to investigate a bit further. We came across a nice chap, who’s son and him had come across the blue-knight not that long ago. Unfortunately the lad had wandered off one evening when they were out walking and the knight had taken the boy away. We tried talking to a few other characters, but they didn’t have any leads beyond what we had already learnt.

We met up later that day and decided to head up to the Faefalls to find the blue knight. After a bit of a trek up, we found the prick at the top. We tried talking to the git, and he told of ‘The Grey King’, the Fae child that had been stolen by Lord Velvet, or one of his scions. The knight mentioned his six brethren that were looking for their king, which we quickly worked out to be the colours of the rainbow. The blue knight shouted apotheosis and whipped out his big blue sword and came at us. We had a pretty intense fight, the git took a bit before we were able to knock him down. Mourns turned into a bare-bear and went to town on him, Njord did some sweet spells, Noam got some awesome hits in, as well as Bivouac and Laithina… helped where she could. The blue knight lay lifeless, and a small ball of blue left his body and disappeared.

We went back to the tower in Sleib and the council paid us our reward, some of the missing residents had returned as well. As we set sail back to Sabhail, we knew this was only the beginning.

Session 5
Goddamn it Johannesz I effing hate you OR How Laithina Stole Johannesz's life savings

Sooooo… Sorry this has taken so long. Quickly moving on.
Following our uneventful venture into Triskell’s tower we camped in the front room. Upon waking with the sun Johannesz, Bivouac, Njord and myself sent Mourns, Noam and Vinnie F*&^ing Jones to wait on guard outside while we ventured down to the depths of the tower.
Three things happened after this.
1. We found a room with statues of guards, reading upon them something about friends, so we made the executive decision not to brandish weapons within their room, which they apparently appreciated.
2. We had two options of moving through the room, a giant iron door to the right and ahead of us a very old tunnel leading out and downwards. We opted to duck our heads in the iron door with the plan to move to the tunnel afterwards.
3. We discovered the iron door lead to a lab of sorts, and contained giant tubes of what can only be described as goop. One of the tubes then broke and a giant, slow gloopy monstrosity came at us.
ENTER COMBAT. Well, kind of.
A very exciting combat scene in which I quickly and sneakily ran away and down the tunnel –sorry guys- and Bivouac and Johannesz (who had been waiting with the armour) watched the goop for awhile before also deciding running away and not fighting it in the room where we really can’t brandish weapons was probably a pretty good idea on Laithina’s part. Njord stayed in the lab – not really sure why- and was very fortunate that the gloop rolled very badly, I mean, missed him, when it came to reaching out. He also made his way down the tunnel.
Then we were in a very large cave. OooOoooOOOOooooOo.
In the cave was some damp, an alter with some crazy masks of all the gods, a ramp that lead to a tiny pinprick sized hole, and two exits that came from the same hallway we entered. The same hallway the ooze was following us down. I was doing some detective work while the others thought about defeating the beast. Which they totally did! They crushed the beast with the rocks on the tunnel and then while it was trapped they blasted it with spells and stuff. Good work, team.
Then we decided to have ANOTHER look at the ramp even though I had already done that
_ . Anyway, we did discover that if you intend to go through the hole the hole recognised this and the illusion making it appear small dissipated.
And sitting in a floating (?) gold throne, in a state of disorder was a snoring, drunk Triskell. The dude has some issues. We chatted for awhile, at first deferring to Njord because he’s the reason we came here in the first place, but then naturally we offended Triskell and were impolite and asked wayyyyy to many questions. I did come out of this with Triskell as a penpal though, because he thought I was pretty cool because I essentially leaned against a wall and looked nonchalant for the most part. He also gave me a cool coin that 19/20 times lands heads. Apparently that’s dangerous though and I might get smited by some god.
Triskell was especially put off by Njord, don’t know or care why, but he did tell him he needed to head to the east coast, which must be pretty far away because all we know of being to the east is endless mountains called Ann somethingorother.
On our way out we put back the masks we stole, when we tried them on some slightly weird stuff happen, Johannesz swallowed something, I heard a giggle, whatever. I may have held on to mine longer than everyone else, but I did leave it in the front hall.
What should have been an uneventful trip back to Saibhail was then interrupted by Johannesz not being able to leave the goddamn tower without trying to loot. I flat out refuse to give any attention to the matter except to say he essentially died by the ‘hands’ of a magic carpet.
We then more or less had to drag him with us, though Bivouac and I would have been happy to leave him there, it took us too long to decide that we didn’t even realise we had started walking home. At this point I decided to take all of his money while he was unconscious. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know it was me.
Then we all hid from a manticore, it was not convinced we weren’t there but still couldn’t find us. Then we kept walking home.

Session 4 - The elusive mad monkey antics wizard Triskell!
"Come into my tower, bitches. You know you want to..."

Weary from battling the hag’s dangly parts, the adventurer’s quest began from trusty Beoir’s tavern once more.

The party was approached by Njord the warlock who immediately and astutely discerned the ragged bunch of adventurers to be weird in nature; he quickly regretted walking over to them.

‘Erjhjkshdjkht’ the jolly patron, after receiving a generous silver from Johannesz, proceeded to tell the party about the mad wizard Triskell. The party learnt that this wizard is no trifling mage, and lives in a large tower north west of Sabhail.

“Tis’ very dry near the wizard’s tower isn’t it ‘Erjhjkshdjkht’? Very dry indeed”.

Rejecting a very generous and honest offer from a stable master outside of town, the adventurers began their quest in search of the wizard on a high note. “Walking is free after all” ^^

Due to the stormy and snowy weather, the adventurers had to camp in snowy terrain under the protection of some mighty trees. “Fuck sleeping out in the open, everyone knows sleeping near trees sets the scene for camping, mm hmm”. After a palaver? Or rather, a shared nightmare thanks to Njord, the party began to have a wonderful sleep ^^.

On Johannesz’s watch, he discovered something under the layer of snow on the ground nearby. A rusted helmet with an old skull inside, from a time long before. Johannesz felt the urge to practice his ventriloquism act using the hollowed out skull, but fought off the temptation and proceeded to check the surroundings more closely. It wasn’t long before he had uncovered the remains and armour of multiple skeletons which were assumed to be the resulting aftermath of a battle fought long ago.

Just then, Johannesz was confronted by vivid apparitions of the battle once fought on these grounds! Voices echoed and a dragon rained down fiery death on the ghostly visage of soldiers in battle.

After this surreal moment, Johannesz turned his head to face a now very real looking horse and a rider complete with glowing red eyes and a battleaxe at the ready. Before he could blink twice, this mysterious figure vanished just as quick as it appeared.

Johannesz managed to sleep through the night without shitting himself in fear. “Repress those scary and nasty thoughts Johannesz, and concentrate on your ventriloquism act instead I say ^^”.

From some of the leftover snow in the area, Njord conjured up some kind of icey/watery like serpents which swirled around him and remained at his side for the journey ahead.

Continuing along the rest of the way toward the wizard’s tower, Laithina spotted some Gnolls whilst scouting ahead of the group. “Could it be? No…surely not… the same Gnolls the adventurers spotted on one of their earlier adventures?! Yes, the very same!”.

Bivouac and his diplomatic disposition, insisted that he at least try and attempt to initiate dialogue with the furry critters. Attempting to decipher their language with magic and mitigate their fears with a friendly strumming of his ukulele, he managed to succeed in lowering the guard of one of the Gnolls. This moment of unease and confusion amongst the gnolls was enough to allow the party to scuttle around the ragged creatures with hurried steps.

This act of weakness greatly angered the alpha of the gnoll group. The alpha, milky eyed gnoll then proceeded without hesitation to accost the gnoll who dropped his guard, by biting out his neck and spitting it at the adventurers. “You cunt’s are fucked”, he said? “there will be more of us next time!!”.

The adventurers immediately felt regret rising up from their stomachs at hearing this threat, and everyone produced an audible ‘gulp’ in unison. “Fun times ahead eh boiiiis~”.

The road thinned out and wide open plains became more visible as the snow began to melt. Entering these vast, flat plains, the party was trekking along uneventfully until they heard a piercing screech in the distance…From a stroll to a now hurried pace, the adventurers clenched their butt cheeks and waddled towards the now visible tower in the distance.

Just as ‘Erjhjkshdjkht’ had said to them in the tavern, “Ooh, very dry around there, very dry!”. The very moisture of the place seemed to be sapped away and the land became barren and lifeless around the tower. Njord sent in one of his serpents which quickly began to evaporate in an unnaturally fast way.

“Yep, very dry around here, very dry indeed”.

As the group approached the tower they noticed some flashing lights coming out of the upper most floor of the tower and some gargoyles atop the roof. Without waiting around too long, they knocked on the towers iron door. Abruptly, they were greeted by a loud and amplified voice recording of what they assumed to the mad wizard Trisskell residing in the tower.

Accepting what seemed to be a direct invitation into his tower, the party proceeded to enter the wizard’s tower and wait near the entrance as instructed by the wizard’s voice recording.

As Bivouac started to have thoughts of snooping, and as Johannesz dropped his body onto the very fine couch… mysterious pink blobs began to make their presence known on the ceiling above the party.

Eyes formed, then mouths…and before the group could act, the pink fleshy blobs fell to the floor near the party! Now bearing wicked sets of razor sharp teeth and revealing many gazing eyes, the party found themselves under attack!

Surprisingly, these toothed vagina mouthed monsters were no match for the party and were unable to land a single blow.

By the strength of Mourns in bear form! The might of Johannesz’s magic! The swift swordplay of Laithina! And Vinnie “Fucking” Jones and his floor and door… face-planting skills? The party obliterated the enemy! Yay.

From here on, the party poorly navigated their way through the tower and its rooms with glass like walls around the exterior. “Circular hallways can be pretty overwhelming I must say”.

Bivouac managed to stumble upon a few different rooms with loot and nothing terribly noteworthy until he found a room with glass floors that contained something very strange beneath them. Deep underneath these panes of glass were what looked to be many dead bodies with eyes closed and lying flat on their backs…until some began to show signs of being…itchy and mildly uncomfortable.

“Hmm, how very curious, dead things usually don’t move like that”. It became obvious to the group that there was some kind of ruse at hand here. They ignored these “people” for now and pressed on upward throughout the tower.

Walking up the stairs, the adventurers stumbled upon a room with a sleeping halfling inside. They knocked on the door and announced themselves. The halfling introduced himself as the keeper of the stairs, and it would seem that he keeps the stairs very well indeed.

After some persistent questioning from Bivouac, the halfling became agitated and the party had the door closed on them followed by a very definite and resounding ‘click’ of a key turning in it’s lock.

“Well done Bivouac, let’s hope that stair keeper doesn’t have more friends like the gnolls do, and come back to kill the adventurers someday. I hear that the stair keeper guild is quite a formidable workforce who take their jobs very seriously… Gulp”.

At the end of the stairs, the party was confronted by the presence of an inanimate statue near the doorway. The very moment the party drew closer however, the statue became animated and raised its stone fists in defiance. “The password is monkeys!”, it bellowed.

…uh huh

After some pointless questioning, Noam cut straight to the chase with her infallible logic. “What is the password?”, she spat, and with an accepting tone, the golem construct lowered its head and said “monkeys…”.

…mm hmm

Now with access into the room beyond, there, in the centre of the room, was the source of the mysterious chromatic lights they saw coming out of the towers top floor earlier. The flashing colourful lights were emitting from a crystal like orb on a pedestal. On the other side of the wall was a stone ladder which they climbed and reached the top of the tower with.

Now on the roof of the tower, the group notices a large pile of miscellaneous PRETTY BAUBLES~ and also a collection of junk and useless trash, along with the statue gargoyles they saw from the foot of the tower.

The adventurers quickly put two and two together, thought this was VERY suspicious, and climbed the fuck back down the ladder to the flashing orb below.

Fed up and annoyed at the fact that Triskell the wizard was nowhere in sight, Vinnie “the fucking headbutting” Jones, did just that…and headbutted the shit out of the flashing orb.

And what a headbutt!!

The orb smashed apart easily and swirling smoke gushed out of the once whole orb. A vividly strong and magical vision flashed throughout Vinnie’s mind, and revealed a hidden door to him within one of the tower’s rooms.

I am trying to be brief but this turned into a FUCKING essay!

The adventurers all grumbled, kicked some loot about, and found said door from the vision, opened it, and found nothing but darkness. WHAT LURKS WITHIN!?

Who the fuck knows? It’s certainly not for the adventurers to know…

Triskell, the mad and elusive wizard, nowhere to be found…

At least not yet…^^

2nd Adventure Part II
Seriously just read the title

It is I, Laithina. Though I am intelligent, I am part nature elf and do not care for listening to the correct spelling of words, or in some cases the pronunciation. To me words are secondary to the feel of a place (or sentence). I joined the group in Logalai, the interesting mining town. I didn’t get a chance to speak to any locals, and I will not pretend to be upset about this. The town is full of degenerates and filthy peasants, and I won’t be sorry to say goodbye – if we ever get back.

My arrival three days after the group’s return to Logalai was met with setting out almost immediately, back towards the church ruins where Mushy (who I still have not met) lives. We got there by nightfall and it was during the first watch where Johannesz stayed up first and alone, and after a bit of listening to some weird noises eventually noticed there had been a goatatoar (I cannot believe I used that name for it, I am unimpressed with myself) presence the entire time, because he’s such an astute observer. However, the creature did not behave as if it new Johannesz was there, and on closer inspection appeared to be under some kind of mind control. Or maybe it was a corpse animated by the fungi feasting on its rotten flesh. Who knows?

The following day we left the church and made our way from there towards where they were told the Risen then was. (Editor’s note: This may be in the wrong spot… I forgot) We got lost somewhere along the way, possibly a result of having a 3ft person navigate – though if anyone badmouths Bivouak I’ll skin them alive- but made our way to a camp by nightfall where we watered the horses.

Amidst our misadventure we stumbled across a tainted water source, which was for some reason still being used by the animals. Upon closer inspection I discovered a foot under the water, being enveloped by an unnatural tar, were the corpses of four adventurers. Instead of warily removing myself from the situation, I helped Bivouak by holding him around the waist and having Johannesz hold me around the waist whilst Bivouak gave the bodies the ol’ reach around. Finding nothing, and then not spectacularly losing our balance and embarrassing ourselves.. you know what I’m just going to brush over this section, it’s not important anyway… OK!?

Moving on, the important thing that happened was a young girl calling herself Sol emerged from the forest, seemingly surprised to see us but helpful nonetheless. We did not want to involve the filthy wood child in our business and brushed her off after she made some modifications to our map and offered us respite at her house on the ‘morrow. Johannesz faltered slightly as we parted ways and he shook the child’s hand, but made no fuss. After she left he informed us her hand felt old and her nails long and tough. We agreed to avoid the area in which she said her house where she and her mother lived was, planning to curve around it on our way to the Risen then.

Before moving on, we pulled the bodies from the river using a more traditional approach, we discovered the cause of their deaths, deep wounds made from claw like shapes. We decided at this point to camp and make our way in the morning.

Before sleep we held palaver, where Jason read us a raunchy tale about a giggly elf and swarthy dwarf, which personally I don’t understand why a strong independent elf would be even remotely interested in a dwarf when she could work harder and win the affections of a handsome and capable gnome, I mean honestly it’s just one of the most ludicrous stories I’ve ever heard. I did learn some valuable tips from it which I turned into diagrams for future personal use.

Mourns and Johannesz took the third watch after two uneventful shifts.

And as they were discussing Jason’s tale, probably wondering about the same issues I had with it, two old creatures, old women emerged from the woods and instantly slashed at Johannesz, wounding him badly. Mourns was more perceptive and managed to wake us and defend herself, and though dazed we all answered the challenge of combat.
“He has brought us meaty ones this time!” One of the women cackled.

After much fighting and many near misses it was Bivouak who managed to defeat one of the women, using his bardic skills of tricky words he smashed the brains of the woman. The second woman he eventually meddled with, but before we managed a critical hit she escaped, leaving us breathless and wounded in the woods and unsure what to do next.

Trying to get to a risen then, the tale of a man who said yes too much
Adventure 2 for those following that

Okay, so Johannesz (me), Mourns (Danny), Bivouack (Amelia) and Jason (Laith) all decided to head south to try and get to a risen then, a risen dungeon from god knows when coming back to our time and messing stuff up.

First, before we headed out of Sabhail I picked up a compass that I thought would be mega helpful, we all chucked some money in for it so now we, as a group, have a compass! Very helpful. Then we headed on our journey south!

We immediately took a ferry across the river outside f Sabhail, and headed south through the forest, luckily the river flowed south for a while so we were easily able to head south for a while. It took three days of on foot travel to get from Sabhail to Logalai, which was the town between us and where we were headed, also the town that the person hiring us lived at. I apparently did not write this man’s name down.

On the first night luckily nothing occurred, and I regaled the group with tales of my sister and the fae waterfalls. During the second day unfortunately I lost my way a bit, but was able to get back to heading south after dodging around some forest gorillas nearby.
That night while camping, Mourns was on watch, she saw a small dog like creature approaching the camp, it was small with glowing eyes and fleshy spines. Then two more appear behind him. They begin teleporting and surrounding the camp. Mourns speaks to them in Sylvan, and they seem to react positively to this.
They seemed like rather happy and positive creatures at the point when Mourns began talking to them. Though when the rest of the party attempted some kind of interaction it didn’t go over great. When I touched one it seemed like it poisoned it some how, which pissed off the others and made them aggressive. They then teleported away and we were left to question what just happened.

The next day we arrived at Logalai and met with the man who we were hoping to hire us. He explained what has happened, which was that he sent a group of adventurers off to find the risen then, see if there was anything worth investigating, unfortunately they were suppose to come back some time between a month and two weeks ago and they haven’t turned up at all. Bivouack decides this man be crazy suss, and the rest of us agree, because he says yes waaaaaay too much. That night we go to the town’s pub which is some dudes house who sells drinks and lets people sleep on the floor.

The next morning we head off again, crossing the river heading south and pick up some horses. After a short journey we run into some goblins and just completely fuck them up with a double thunder wave from Mourns and Bivouack and some nice horseplay from Jason.

We then ran into a church that had been overrun by nature which we entered because it looked mega interesting. We met Mushy there (see character list) and began searching the building, ran into some (what I’m calling) Goat-ataurs and we were unable to finish our fight with them because at that point we ended the session and headed back to Logalai!

Welcome to Ameshirel
Wereboars and bearskins

The adventure began in Sabhail, with the party hearing some rumours from Beoir. The party decided to head south to Abhain to respond to rumours of wine shipments going missing.

The party set out, and encounted a bear sleeping in a cave when it was time to camp. Mourns attempted to charm it, but failed, and the bear attacked. After killing the bear (with Vinnie “F@#$ing” Jones posthumously breaking its skull with a head butt), they skinned and cooked the carcass. Laithina kept the skin, and stuffed it in her backpack.

The party travelled for another day and found Eagnod’s Farm, about a day outside of Abhain. They paid for lodging here, and ate a feast with Eagnod’s family. Bivouac encountered his arch-nemesis, Galfanix, and they had a song competition. Eagnod gave the party a letter to deliver to a Symond once they arrived in Abhain.

The following day, on the road to Abhain, the party saw two sets of tracks overlaid – those of a boar and those of a man. Eventually, the party arrived in Abhain and visited The Hunting Serpent, a tavern run by the Elf Breca. They also encountered Symond here, though he was thrown out before the letter could be delivered. The party noticed some curious traits about him, which indicated some “boar-like” behaviour, prompting Johannesz to ask him rather unsubtly if he was indeed a boar. Symond left immediately.

Breca told the party about the wine problem, and said that the cart was coming from the Western Road, and it must have been waylaid. She also mentioned that Symond has been trying to sell wine to the tavern of late at extortionate prices. Outside, the party met Gali, an Elven Ranger, and they set off looking for Symond’s house, out in the woods.

The party found Symond’s house, and the missing cart of wine. It turns out that Symond had waylaid the cart, and was re-bottling the wine to sell for higher rates. Symond appeared, and transformed into a wereboar. The party fought him, and after some bearskin antics, and a rather good intimidation from Noam, he was defeated. The party discussed what to do with him, and decided to execute him for his crimes.

The party then returned to Sabhail, slightly richer, and with the wine trade unthreatened again.


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