Apotheosis is the act of becoming an Apotheon – a being which is able to not only shape the Song of Creation, but to retune it however slightly. The best known Apotheons are the Gods, though they are far from the only ones with these powers.

The Difference Between “Ascendant” and “Apotheon”

All creatures may become bathed in the Song of Creation and therefore gain greater control over their own destinies and the destiny of the Planes. For some creatures, like Demons, this is done by destruction. By others, more orderly, this is done by learning as is the case with Wizards and other magic users on the Mortal Plane. By hoarding this power, a being can become Ascendant – rivalling the gods in sheer strength.

However, there is a strict edge to the power of a being which becomes Ascendant, as opposed to an Apotheon. Consider the similarities by substituting a record player and a musician:

A record player can perfectly replicate the sound which is stored within its information, every time, flawlessly. The sound will be crisp, clear, and perfectly in tune so long as it is recorded that way. Therefore, should one seek to listen to that particular song, they will be able to hear it in its perfect form. This is the ideal of an Ascendant – given the bounds of the Song of Creation, they can manipulate it into endless shapes, perfectly, given enough training.

A musician on the other hand may make mistakes. They may have mistuned their instrument, or stumble over a fret. Their hands may be stiff and might confuse the song itself. However, the musician can change their song halfway through, and begin playing an entirely different yet well loved tune. Or, a musician may simply riff out random sounds, unguided and given free reign. In this way, an Apotheon is king, because they are able to change the Song at their will – though, once again, this is limited by their experience, and even an Apotheon is unable to fully grasp every facet (or even a small piece) of the entire Song.

Beyond Ascendancy into Apotheosis

There are several ways to achieve Apotheosis and become an Apotheon, but none of them are easy, replicable in any reliable way, or in any sense advisable. Almost all methods involve killing another Apotheon and taking their power by force. Some have claimed that bathing in the Song itself could result in Apotheosis, but it is equally as likely to result in destruction.

Lastly, some have theorised that Apotheosis could be achieved by “finding a place quiet enough to play”. What exactly this means is highly debated…


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