The Awnshelin are the deformed children of the Gods. When a God sires a child, they always impart their essence into the union, though often this is an unwilling process, or simply the God doesn’t take notice or doesn’t care. When such unguided propagation occurs, it often results in an Awnshelin – a creature of immense and unchecked power that can barely be considered its original genus.

For example, a “human” Awnshelin, that the party has thus far encountered, appeared completely inhuman – with large scaly wings, needle-like black teeth, red skin, and with the ability to eject a torrent of molten gold from its mouth.

The line between a Blooded and an Awnshelin is murky, however. Only in the rarest cases did a God ever ‘shape’ their progeny and create a Blooded that is entirely without mutation. Mostly, they kept an eye on them half-heartedly to make sure the child wouldn’t disrupt their own plans. These are the Blooded we know commonly. However, in some instances, they corrupted or neglected their get entirely, creating creatures of greater mutation. Where the line is between ‘regular’ Blooded and an Awnshelin is up for debate, however.

Furthermore, Pseudo-Awnshelin can be created when Gods’ Blood is spilled in an area, or a God uses their divine presence to warp another creature. These creatures that result are not truly Awnshelin, for they are not the children of Gods, but they are mutated by their connection to an Apotheon. These creatures, like the unfortunate Captain Jernik of the Bereaved Harridan, or the Shambling Mound of the Deathless Rose, are some of the worse examples of this effect.


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