In Ameshirel: A World Undone, there is a distinction between a hero, and a Hero (one who has a Divine Bloodline). A Bloodline in this way means that the character is descended from a God, either directly, or distantly. The Gods had many children, who in turn had many children, etc, so around 1 in 1000 people are even slightly related to a God. Gods also birthed monsters as well, which carry a Bloodline.

As each character in Ameshirel: A World Undone is imbued with the Bloodline of a God, which is chosen at Character Creation, and as such those characters have some special abilities. The strength of their Bloodline is represented with Bloodline Level.

Effects of Bloodline Level

Bloodline Level dictates how closely related a character is to their Ancestor God. A high Bloodline (10 being the maximum) means that the character is a living Avatar of their God. A low Bloodline (0 being the lowest, but 1 being the start of play) means that the character is only loosely related to the God.

Characters gain a Cleric Spell and Once Per Day Spell Slot each at each Bloodline Level. The Spell is equal to Bloodline Level – 1, and is gained at the player’s choice from their God’s Spell List. Note that these Spells do not count as Divine Magic – they are naturally cast, like an Ability, but still require the use of Wisdom.

Bloodline Spells can only be used once per day, and after use do not come back instantly, requiring a 1d20 + Bloodline Level test at DC 10 + Spell Level to return the following day. This test gains Advantage after the first day until returned. Drinking Gods Blood of any type will return the power prematurely.

Gaining Bloodline

Characters gain Bloodline Level by drinking Gods Blood from a character with higher Bloodline Level than themselves of the same Bloodline. Additionally, they may drink the Gods Blood of Bloodlines weaker than their own (up the 3 Levels below), but they only get a fraction equal to their Bloodline Level (this may be from any Bloodline).

For example: A 4th Blooded Fighter of the God of War would gain 1/4th a Level from drinking the Gods Blood of a 3rd Level God of War Blooded, or the Gods Blood of any Level God of Love, etc…

Drinking a higher Level Gods Blood will not reset this fraction and it remains. Drink Gods Blood must also be done within 10 minutes of a Blooded being slain, otherwise the Gods Blood is wasted. However, specially crafted vials may be made with ancient magic to hold Gods Blood indefinitely.

To drink Gods Blood, at least a litre of blood must be drunk from the slain Blooded. The first to drink it gains the Bloodline, or if there is a contest the weakest Blooded of the closest Bloodline to the Gods Blood gains the Bloodline.


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