Character Creation

When creating characters for Ameshirel, please be mindful that there are many additional races and class options you can take. The following list should reveal those which are known about, or already unlocked.

Remember, the more you explore in Ameshirel, the more options will become available!


Races are unlocked in Ameshirel as the players explore more portions of the world. Some of these races are known to be locked, for various reasons, but others are hidden until further notice.

Race Sub-Races Status Notes
Aesimar Locked
Azer Locked
Dragonborn Locked
Dwarf Hill Unlocked Standard
Dwarf Mountain Unlocked Standard
Elf Drow Unlocked Unlocked with Underdark
Elf High Unlocked Standard
Elf Wood Unlocked Standard
Genesai Unlocked Standard
Gnome Deep Locked
Gnome Forest Unlocked Standard
Gnome Rock Unlocked Standard
Goliath Unlocked Unlocked with Volcano Ascendant
Half-Elf Unlocked Standard
Half-Orc Unlocked Standard
Halfling Lightfoot Unlocked Standard
Halfling Stout Unlocked Standard
Human Unlocked Standard
Kobold Unlocked Unlocked with Iarann
Modron Unlocked Unlocked with Bivoback to the Future
Myconid Unlocked Unlocked with Liberation of Doracha
Orc Locked
Teifling Unlocked Unlocked with Silver Sigil


All the normal Classes are available, in addition to the changes found below. For rules on these additions, see your GM:

  • Alternate Bard Archetype: College of the Song
  • Alternate Fighter Archetype: Laoch
  • Alternate Fighter Archetype: Gunslinger
  • Alternate Sorcerer Archetype: Blood Mage
  • New Class: Psion
  • New Class: Witch-Hunter

Character Creation

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