Demons and Devils

The Planes are infested with Demons and Devils, both of which are utterly inimical to life. However, there is a distinct difference between the two, and their individual natures are highly unusual, but must be understood to combat them.

Both races are native to the Echoing


Demons are creatures of utter chaos but are not themselves evil. They mimic their native Plane, having echoing and cavernous souls which bounce The Song of Creation within them, causing discord.

In their native Plane, Demons are impossibly varied, and there seems to be no consistency to their race. When they enter the Mortal Plane, the Song solidifies them into tangible and semi-regular forms, so several ‘types’ of Demons can be categorised.

Demons are utterly insane, and yearn only for a quieting of the Song to end their maddening existence. Even the presence of a still rock in the Mortal Plane is to ‘loud’ for them, and only utter annihilation will bring their peace.

However, due to their echoy nature, every time a Demon destroys something, a portion of the Song within that thing is transferred to the Demon, making them stronger, yet making them more tortured by their own ‘noise’.

Therefore, the biggest and strongest Demon Lords are themselves the most insane and at once the most ‘stable’ in Creation, yet the most hell bent on destruction.

Furthermore, as a Demon grows, parts of its essence break off to create more Demons of lesser orders under their chaotic control – though it is a poor Demon that does not seek to destroy the noise of even its master.


Devils are to Demons what Humans are to Beasts – they are more sentient, more aware of their nature, and more ambitious. Devils do not multiply in the way that other creatures do – they can only twist another mind to their way of thinking, eventually creating a new Devil. It is thought that the first Devils were curious Mortals or even Celestials who strayed into the Echoing and were changed forever.

Like Demons, Devils have changing forms within the Echoing, but the closer they get to the Cacophony on the Planar scale the more uniform they become to their original forms. However, their minds amd their souls remain warped, and this depravity is shown in the horns they grow, and the twisted forms they bear.

Devils seek to corrupt the Song at its source – to turn all of Creation into the Echoing, and all creatures into Devils. Unlike Demons, Devils are truely evil, and seek this goal not for release but to enslave and to inflict on everything the changes inflicted on them.

Devils steal power from other Planes and infuse it into their own bodies – growing in size, power, fury, and ambition.

Demons and Devils

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