Ending a Session Mid-Goal

When the party is still out in the Wilderness at the end of a session, there are a few options available to them to decide at the table, based on the amount of players present.

Situation #1: All Players Present

In the first situation, that all players are present at the table anyway, all these decisions can be made at the end of a session between the players, and play can continue as normal.

All options are available in this situation, except Split the Party.

Situation #2: Some Players Present

In the event only some of the players are present, which is far more likely, the discussion will have to be two-sided, with an initial discussion at table of what the group would like to do, and a further discussion on the Forum. The Forum discussion will be assumed to be overriding the table discussion anyway.

All options, except Redefine “Home” are available, though with enough discussion online, Redefine “Home” may be taken, with sufficient time allowing.


The following are the individual options for how to proceed in these situations. They are not mutually exclusive, and where it makes sense they may be chosen together.

Return Home

The party returns home to their last appointed Home Town. Days spent travelling are added to the current time line in the fastest route possible, during which time it is impossible for the party to get lost. No food is marked off for travel time. Additionally, 1d10 days are added to the time spent, to represent recuperating before the next session begins.

Any time not spent in the Wilderness must have a Lifestyle chosen for it at the beginning of the next session. Players may take Down-Time Actions during this time.

Retreat to Civilisation

The party returns to the closest civilised location. From this point, they may be Reinforced by other party members, or another decision reached. This functions identically to Return Home, except only 1d4 days are spent recuperating, with the same Lifestyle and Down-Time Action rules, though costs for these things may be more expensive away from home.

Hunker Down

The party retreats to the closest non-combat zone, and immediately pauses. This can only be taken if there is a ‘safe’ place to hunker down within a day’s walk of where they stopped (like outside a dungeon, or a nearby road or coaching inn). Play continues on the following day in-game, so long as the other decisions made on the Forum or at the table accommodate for this.

If play cannot continue from the following day, for instance if the party is Awaiting Reinforcements, the party Retreats to Civilisation instead.

Redefine “Home”

The party may unanimously (as players, not as characters) decide to change their Home Town to another location. All characters are assumed to travel to this new location between sessions as a Down-Time Action, in the same way that the party returns Home in the above examples.

Another action may be chosen after this, time allowing.

Await Reinforcements

The party awaits other party members to arrive. Depending on whoever comes to the next session, it is assumed that those who do come, and who want to participate in this adventure, travel between sessions as their Down-Time Action, and those who may have been in the field who cannot come to the next session Return Home.

The game timeline is moved forward to the day after the last player arrives from wherever they are, plus any elected time.

Split the Party

If some players are engaged in an action that the other players do not wish to engage in, the other players may Split the Party. Doing this creates a secondary play timeline, which may begin at the same time as the previous session began. This secondary timeline may play out like any other, though the new party is forbidden to travel in the cardinal direction that the other party travelled in.

E.g. If party #1 travelled South, then party #2 cannot go South at all, even South-West is forbidden, etc. They must follow leads in other directions.

Lastly, party #2 MUST take the Return Home option at the end of their adventure. Once they do, they may spend Down-Time Actions reinforcing the other party, or whatever, so long as there are not two active parties in the field between sessions.

Going on Adventure When Your Character is “Out”

If your character is already out on another adventure, and a separate group wants to range out whilst your original group is now away from Home, you may create a secondary character to play in this situation.

HOWEVER, please note that you may never play both at once. Once the two parties are re-united, you will only be able to play one or the other character each session – not both. You may make this choice each session, or gift your character to another willing player if you choose.

Characters created in this way can make up a “stable” of characters to use in the event one of your characters dies in the field. The players may then retreat to a civilised location, spend a few days, send a message to the other character, and have them arrive to rejoin the adventure.

These alternate characters follow the normal rules for new characters – I.e. they start at Level 1.


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