There are several orders of Gods on Ameshirel, but few are like any deities seen on Earth. Instead, the Gods are fickle, unintelligible, manipulative, and seldom straight forward. Few people worship the Gods as priests, clerics and paladins, as to devote your entire life to one of these beings is not for the common folk. However, those who do gain an intimate knowledge beyond what is common known, and with this information they become mighty.

It must be noted that not god is strictly good or evil – they each have their own objectives, and almost all of them destroy as much as they create. Additionally, the Gods themselves are genderless, and cannot breed. However, as they are all shapeshifters to some degree, many settle on a common gender to appear as, and tend to be assigned like gender pronouns.

Each God also wears a mask – some more openly than others – which holds great power. Echoes of these masks exist throughout the world and are blessed by their patrons. These masks may appear to be flesh and blood, but are in fact an illusion.

Finally, whilst the Gods are dead, their ghosts yet linger on the Mortal, and other Planes. Though not as powerful as they once were, they still command incredible forces which can lay low or raise high any on a whim.

Each God can be identified by two wide domains of influence:

Death Knowledge Life Light Nature Tempest Trickery War
Death The Grave Chimer Old Lady Loom Madam Midnight The Carrion Lord Brawler Lord Velvet The Rider in the Cold
Knowledge The Grave Chimer He Who Has Seen The Candlekeeper The Path Once Trodden Rudderless The Lord of Bridges and Baubles She Who Chills the Blade
Life Old Lady Loom He Who Has Seen They Who Call the Dawn Black Siol The Reaper and Sower Elixir The Trail Shadow
Light Madam Midnight The Candlekeeper They Who Call the Dawn The Stalker Mother Make Me King Glim The Banner Bearer
Nature The Carrion Lord The Path Once Trodden Black Siol The Stalker The Behemoth Tomhas Footfall Clarion, Ever Burning
Tempest Brawler Rudderless The Reaper and Sower Mother Make Me The Behemoth The Voice Down the Lane The Screaming Eternal
Trickery Lord Velvet The Lord of Bridges and Baubles Elixir King Glim Tomhas Footfall The Voice Down the Lane The Blade Seldom Seen
War The Rider in the Cold She Who Chills the Blade The Trail Shadow The Banner Bearer Clarion, Ever Burning The Screaming Eternal The Blade Seldom Seen


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