The following information is a loose timeline of events in the world of Ameshirel, and is limited to those facts (or perhaps pieces of misinformation) that the PCs have uncovered, or are considered general knowledge. This timeline is split up into several epochs: Before Dawn, which covers everything before the Croiglas Family arose to prominence; The Age of Empires, which covers everything before the conquering of the Westerlands by the Eastern Empire; The Age of Dragons, which covers everything under the reign of the Eastern Empire; and The Undoing, which covers the fall of the Gods, and the current era.

Before Dawn

At the very beginning, we know that there was no Faewilds nor Shadowlands, and that the Gods used their formidable powers to siphon off parts of the Mortal Plane to create both planes as a counterweight for the Song of Creation, with the intention of taming the lawless Mortal Plane. After this was done, the mortal races were said to become enlightened, and they were able to create tools, speak languages, and wield magic.

At some point, the primordial Aboleths dominated the world, and enslaved many of the eldest races. Through a combined effort of the Gods and the Giants, the Aboleths were banished to the darkest regions of the world. Something, however, occurred between the Gods and the Giants, and they have remained foes to this day. This event also saw many of the Giants migrating from the Mortal Plane into the more elemental veins of the Celestial Plane, and even into the Cacophony itself.

The West seems to have been the domain of the Giants, and the East the homelands for the shorter races (Humans, Elves, and the like). However, when the first of these shorter races arrived on the shores of the West, they encountered the Giants and gave them many gifts. Some Giants, or perhaps one Giant – the greatest and most beautiful of them all – seems to have rebuffed these gifts, and this began a fierce war between the Mortal races, ultimately ending in the defeat of the Giants. The Giants then fled to the more forlorn places of the world, not before cursing their beautiful kin for hubris. It is at some point during (or perhaps after) this that the Goliaths were created as an emissary race between the Mortal races, though they seem to have fallen out of favour.

The Age of Empires

The site of An Geartha was founded with a great fortress being cut into the depths of the mountain pass. From this dominating location, the ruling family – the Croiglas line – were able to create a vast kingdom that covered most of the Westerlands. They became incredibly powerful and rich off trade. At some point during, a rival family known as the Iarann family began a war against the Croiglas family. This war ended in a stalemate – Croiglas could muster greater numbers, but the iron forged by the Iarann was far superior. Enmity between the houses continues to this day, and wars are fought every generation or so.

Representatives from the Eastern Empire across the sea arrived to treat with the Croiglas family. This emissary – the Eastern heir – was a Dragonborn, and was expected to marry the female heir of the Croiglas family to solidify an alliance. Something went wrong, however: whether it was in passion that the two caught the ire of Clarion, Ever Burning, or some other hellish circumstance befell them is unsure. What is known is that the two of them were found naked in the Croiglas heir’s chambers in a lovers embrace, with the woman’s midriff torn open and a clawed and deformed beast sitting among the carnage. The beast – clearly a child – seems to have been the Awnshelin offspring of the pair, with Clarion, Ever Burning being a strange ‘third parent’. The Awnshelin was locked away within the bowels of An Geartha. The Eastern Empire, fearing for their heir, sent spies to investigate his disappearance – their report of him missing, feared dead, caused the Emperor of the East to wage war on the Kingdom of Croiglas.

The war between the East and the West was bloody, but ended eventually on the plains of Reims Pairc. Ailian Croiglas, King of the Westerlands, mustered a great force on the plains to confront the Emperor. However, the Emperor flew out upon his Dragon mount and slaughtered the army nearly to a man. Dominating the war entirely, the Westerlands were subjugated, and the Croiglas family were reduce to Barons. It is unclear where the Iarann family fits in here, but what is known is that they too were made a Barony, though they suffered far less – as if no war was made on their part.

The Age of Dragons

Under the rule of the Dragon Empire of the East, the Westerlands dwindled. They remained a resource-rich area, but without the extensive tithes the fortress of An Geartha became untenable, and the capital was moved to the port town of Sabhail. The army of the Westerlands was moved to Caomhnir, and for the most part the people of Croiglas became a lot more agricultural. Wars continued with Iarann, and rumours persist that aggression here was encouraged by the Dragon Emperor so as to prevent rebellion (for they couldn’t muster a force large enough to attack the East when they were constantly killing their own ranks against each other).

The house of Croiglas declined, steadily, as more and more offshoots took residence in the surrounding towns, claiming tiny realms as their own. Eventually this would lead to a Barony which was officially a cohesive whole, but in truth disparate and un-unified. This situation was not helped by the Eastern Satraps who dwelled in the West to overlook their tithes.

The Undoing

With the fall of the Gods, the Eastern Empire went into turmoil. This resulted in the overthrowing or recalling of the Eastern occupation forces in the West, as well as the Satraps. Now, bereft of the Empire, Croiglas and Iarann sit cold and alone against the growing hostility of the wilderness that is once again encroaching. Without the power of the Gods, and with their souls shattered, the Blooded have risen up into positions of prominence. With no hope left, time is right for heroes to rise up and settle the disputes of the world…

If only we had some Heroes to help us…


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