Journal Entry - In the company of Gods

Dear journal,

it’s been awhile since my last entry, a lot as happened over the past few days. I’m on a expedition with the charmingly childlike Johannesz, the mysterious Njord and the…burly (hah! your so clever Ashling) Mourns. Apparently These God’s blood encountered a Gnoll some time back and are now hearing rumours of him amassing an army.

During the travels I kept a close eye on Johannesz, the fool had some trouble and now his face is disfigured, so I’ve been tending to that, though the bastard likes to loosen them…I think he does this just to provoke me. Njord also has me worried, he meditated for a few days straight, I kept an eye on him and some strange things happened, hope the buggers alright.

The trek was pretty hard, we traveled into the mountains and the winds were rather strong. unlike the Hill of my birth, rather warm there…(stop that Ashling, thats not your home now).


We first went to this tower owned by a man name Triskel, was a nice place though during the night I awake to a strange pink…thing…sleeping on top of me…rather unsettling to be honest.

Luckily the trek was worth it, we ended up at a holy place, there was a Cloister, Monastary and a Church, though they had all been sullied by the Gnoll incursion. They were digging for something ( we later found out that they were searching for some kind of weapon). There was an orange grove and turns out the place was a church dedicated to “They Who Call the Dawn”.

During the night I was visited by a ghostly apparition, WHAT LUCK! turns out that the priests who died there ( I think they died, it wasn’t very clear) were like echoes in time, unaware of what was happening.

Poor souls.

We needed to take out Ghengohru White-Eye.

we were able to sneak up on him and his vanguard and the fight that followed…wow.

a lots happened while I’ve been busy with my studies.

They were akin to gods, Johannesz was throwing fireballs the size of houses and dispatching large portions of AN ARMY. Njord was conjuring these strange giant spheres of black water that enveloped whatever was in the way. And Mourns…

And Mourns.

SHE WAS CALLING DOWN LIGHTING!! and when we wanted her to create thorns to help hinder the advancing army ( we fought an army, WE FOUGHT AN ARMY!!) she roared in anger and instead of conjuring thorns lighting shot out of her eyes and she laid wasted to the army of gnolls. It was amazing to watch. We ( though really them, i hadn’t been able to help much) bested an army.

Though not without a toll.

To create his balls of fury Johannesz had cut deeply into himself ( I still don’t understand why he’d willingly use such magic, good thing he has me to heal him) and whatever happened to Mourns caused severe damage to herself, I did what I could but I needed Wilhelmina to help heal Mourns properly.

I am in the company of Gods here, this must be the power wrought from the consumption of the blood of the gods…

I’ll need to record this for my research

Journal Entry - In the company of Gods

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