Karma Points

In Ameshirel: A World Undone, there is a new reward system called Karma. Karma is awarded for helping other players both inside and outside the game, and can be spent on significant bonuses during play.

Gaining Karma

Karma can be gained each session for making a meaningful contribution to the Obsidian Portal (at GM discretion, there is no limit to the amount you can receive in this way):

  • Writing an Adventure Log,
  • Writing or updating a few small Characters, or a single big Character,
  • Writing or updating a few small Wiki pages, or a single big Wiki page,
  • Creating an Artwork, whether lyric, graphical, or textual.

Spending Karma

Karma may then be spent on the following things:

  • 1K to convert one Death Fail into a Success.
  • 3K to instantly revive from Unconsciousness.
  • 2K for a free Critical Hit (once per Combat).
  • 2 + Spell Level K for an additional Spell Slot of the level designated.
  • 1K for a ‘Take 10’. (I.e. instead of rolling the a d20, you can ‘assume’ you rolled a “10”.)
  • 1K for an instant 5XP.

Karma Points

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