A Scofflaw is an ancient folk term still in use in the Westerlands which refers to an individual that lives outside the normal laws of the land, whilst not necessarily breaking them. Further, unlike Adventurers who likewise skirt social norms, Scofflaws are not known for any acts of bravery per se, more just a variety of useful if somewhat dubious skills.

Folk lore, tradition, and stories follow Scofflaws throughout history, and whilst modern examples may seem like average vagrants and vagabonds, the Scofflaws are much more than that. Often hired to pick a lock when a locksmith is no where in sight, or hired to track down someone who has gone “missing”, these individuals use skills which otherwise would be seen as highly suspicious.

But the Scofflaws lives by an ancient code which forbids the use of their particular talents from being abused. However, when there is a theft in the town, the finger of blame invariably falls on the Scofflaw as an easy scapegoat, so they are often highly sought when needed, and chased away when work is scarce.

To know a Scofflaw, or better yet hold their friendship is a great thing, for they are some of the most well rounded and generally useful people imaginable.


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