Ameshirel is a world undone, a world which has moved on. The Gods have died, and all that remains are their mortal Bloodlines which grow thinner and thinner. The remaining Regents no longer hold together the fabric of the world, and time is breaking down.

But it isn’t to late. Heroes brave enough to rise above and reclaim their Birthright could once more forge the world together, and rebind Ameshirel. But they can’t do it alone—the magic of Now cannot possibly give them the strength they need. Only by plundering the Risen Then for ancient and lost magic can our Heroes hope to reclaim the world.

That is, of coarse, if they’re willing to do what is necessary…

Welcome to Ameshirel

Ameshirel: A World Undone is a Fantasy Sandbox Hexcrawl Campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. The campaign is designed to be Gamist / Simulationist, with a strong Beer & Pretzels style. The “adventures” are determined by the players, as are the sessions, which will run whenever 3 or more players are free and want to play a game.

There is a meta-plot, but it is far from the focus. The focus is to explore the world of Ameshirel, see the sights of this rapidly declining world, and loot the Risen Then—ancient ruins which have once more appeared all over the world—for the magic that they contain. Gaining power, gaining wealth, and realising your Birthright!

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