Ameshirel: A World Undone

Session 23: Shadows NOT Over Cossan

The party decides to set out to visit the town of Cossan, where one of their number had previously noticed a strange phenomenon – nobody in the town had a shadow.

Before setting out Bivouac decided to hire a mercenary to protect him in Noam’s absence. His first thought was Zozif – the strange Noam the party encountered in An Geartha. When Bivouac arrived at Zozif’s workshop he found him curiously stuck – perhaps stuck in time? Whatever the case it was clear that one of his experiments had gone terribly awry and he needed the help of a powerful wizard! Bivouac sent an owl to Triskell asking for help, only to get a speedy out-of-office response from Bessir, the notorious stair-keeper, which told the party that Triskell was away in the north with the Fire Giants. Another adventure for another day!

Instead of Zozif, Bivouac hired Zinren – a high elf duelist recently fallen from noble society and forced to make his own living.

The next morning the party set off to Coassan, arriving at the Farseer Inn, where everything is served “on the cob”. They quickly discover that there are two influential individuals in charge of Cossan who they should try to talk to in order to investigate the mystery of the shadows. The first is Lord Horn, the leader of Cossan, a young female elf. The second is Master Homlyn, some kind of old magical tinker/elder. He seems to have the trust of everyone in Cossan, although it is far from clear what his actual role in the town’s running is.

Johannesz decides to assault the townsfolk with tactful questions.

Mourns, Jason and Njord head to the castle/keep to see Lord Horn. They aren’t able to see her though, for some mysterious reason.

Lathina and Bivouac promote the show that Bivouac has decided to hold at the Farseer Inn that evening, the ulterior motive being to gather as many of the townsfolk in the Inn as possible, so the rest of the party can do some clandestine investigating. Turns out that Master Homlyn is hosting some kind of festival night at the same time as Bivouac’s show! It is to be held an hour’s walk out of Cossan near some standing stones and is apparently a ritual to protect Cossan from just about everything. Sounds very powerful and a little too good to be true. It will divert the leylines about Cossan to protect it. We all converge in Master Homlyn’s study, which is in the keep of Cossan. It seems everyone’s investigations have led them here. He is very chatty and pleasant, and seems to have Cossan’s best interests at heart, however when we try to bring the conversation around to shadows he is very evasive. Additionally, a few of the party members notice that Homlyn, unlike all the other Cossanians does have a shadow – what’s more, it seems out of sync with Homlyn’s movements by a tiny second. Suspicious.

The party decide that this ritual is key to solving the mystery of Cossan, so they leave the village in small groups, headed towards the ritual site. On the way their, they happen to overhear a strange conversation taking place between an otherworldly voice and what sounds an awful lot like Master Homlyn. Failing to sneak up and discover what is happening the party are instead plunged into battle, facing off against the shadows which were torn from the townsfolk, plus Homlyn, who seemed to have given his body over to some kind of large and evil spirit, which is controlling his body like a puppet. It seems this is a creature of the Shadowlands, and it is in service of the Everwraith – a terrifying creature from Gnomic legend.

Shadows, it turns out, are somewhat tricky to fight, owing to their two-dimensional quality. However we manage to best them. We are unable to bring Homlyn back however, and his body explodes into sickly pieces when we defeat the spirit that is possessing him….. as usual we have gotten ourselves into one of those difficult-to-explain-to-the-townsfolk situations.

Bivouac holds his show to replace Homlyn’s planned ‘festival’.

Searching Homlyn’s study upon our return, we discover alot of interesting research and documents into the plane, which we liberate from his estate. This knowledge puts us once step closer to helping rescue Noam, who is trapped in the Shadowlands.


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