Galfanix the Grand

A venerable bard, rival of Bivouac


Galfanix and Bivouac have been rivals ever since both took up their instruments many moons ago. When they were both novices, still training under their respective masters, Galfanix and Bivouac were pitted against each other the eve before a grand festival was to start in the village. The crowd was exceptionally harsh – excited and expectant for the high quality entertainment a festival provides, all bards know that performing the evening before is a difficult gig.

Despite this difficulty, the show was a raging success – the competitiveness between Bivouac and Galfanix fuelling their determination to outperform each other. Particularly memorable was the great ‘juggle-off’ in which the gnomic bards juggled seventeen balls together, simultaneously playing the bawdy classic ’Jyugawah’s Pants’ on ukelele and harp respectively. From that debut onward, the pair’s reputations began – their rivalry being just as famous as the repute of either bard.


Galfanix the Grand

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