Ameshirel: A World Undone

Session 27: The Mind Flayer of Thunderstone Mountain

Mind Flayer?? I hardly know her!!

We fucked around ALOT at Beoir’s
We went to the Minstrel’s Cellar in Airgead
Then we entered the Airgead Mines, found shambling undead with no brains
Continued into Thunderstone mines
We are in a cave
There are small translucent bat/mosquitoes crawling around the ceiling of the cave
They are Sturges!
We decide to all attack them at once with our ranged weapons – mess dem up!!
We make it to the room that we previously encountered the hollow-headed ghouls in
Head north from there. There are two further passageways branching northwards
Come to a stone room with orderly bunks – BUT VERY OLD. LITERALLY MILLENIA
Dwarven and Orc skeletons litter the floor
The dwarves who died here were originally allied with the Westerlings (our contemporary enemies!!)
Northern Dwarves went into decline through battles with Frost Giants
Through Primeval Awareness, Lathina notices that there are abberations somewhere nearby
Head down north passageway into a large 30×30 chamber with the Eastern wall caved in from ceiling rock. A small storeroom is attached.
We check for traps
And then for treasure! >> Smelly old barrels which used to have food and alcohol in them and a handful of gold pieces (16).
Continue further north! Find a large chamber which is littered with the corpses of all types of beings – human, dwarf, gnome VERSUS orcs… and more recently, GHOULS!
Was once an eating gallery – but turned into the main rampart (site of the last stand) when this place was invaded.
Went from the mess hall up a short flight of stairs and then into a room to the West, through which Bivouac can hear beings speaking in some guttural language
Bivouac clumsily attempts to open the door sneakily – it creaks loudly and something rushes against the stone door, which seems to be barricaded from the other side.
Mourns summons a Rhino to charge the door open.
COMBAT! Against BugBears! 5 BugBears – we defeat them easily with our magical and physical prowess! Lathina does some sweet flips!
loot the bodies! move forward > in the next room we find a pond of water into which water is trickling.
With her piercing vision Mourns can see into the bottom of the water > there is a corpsey with two platinum rings and a wand of magic missiles which the party generously decides to give to Bivouac
We have a short rest
Then continues to explore in the direction of the of the large, thunderous sounds
Encounter a room where a human who seems to able to rotate his head 360 degrees is supervising some Bugbears and Dwarves who are mining
A carving on the door depicts an anvil which is periodically lit up by lightning coming from a mountain. Dwarves surround the anvil and, and a scene of friendship between dwarves and humans.
It appears that there is a Mind Flayer in the room.
Mind Flayers typically travel across dimensions mentally colonising planes. They are creatures of myth – it is really strange to actually see one.
Jason is sworn to kill these beings.
It attempts to diplomatically persuade us that it isn’t a threat.
Jason says no.
COMBAT 2~! Against the Mind Flayer and Nothics
The Mind Flayer is incredibly mentally strong – stuns Sigil when she attempts to use magic against him, she gets stunned.
Bivouac tries out his wand of Magic Missiles! But the MF takes half magic damage :/
The MF uses domination over Jason… he is totally enthralled by him. The Bugbear that Sigil was controlling forgets her when she becomes stunned and returns to the MF’s control. We make a few hits, but physical damage seems far more effective than magical damage against him, and there are many magic users amognst us. Lathina manages to get Jason back on our side using Mirror’s Gall! It’s charms do not work against the MF however! After a few more hits are made on the MF, Mourns ends him, as an owl-bear, by grabbing the Bugbear in her jaws and fling it into the MF – smashing his skull against the wall. Purple blood oozes from his skull.
Although the MF is dead, the Nothics still want to end us!
Once we finish obliterating the Nothics we discover a room of mindfucked prisoners and rescue them!


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