Daxenth Letters

Session 26


Make some enquiries about hiring ships to smuggle an army from the westerlands to the northern plains then forward this letter onwards to the Fourth Tribe.



I have traveled across the sea and found myself in the Westerlands. I traveled for a bit along the roads, mostly unhindered, until I came across a bald man with an eye patch who told me of the Heroes of Sabhail.

From his directions I made my way to the tavern where they usually reside and requested their aid. Traveling the roads provide a quicker journey, but I could not shake the unease of passing so many strangers. Towns and cities are so very different for a ’bold who has grown on the plains.

I met the Heroes and it was decided that I would accompany them on a quest they had committed to so I could see if they were of a mettle to help us. They appeared interested in helping us against the Easterlings, but were still very noncommittal.

We undertook a journey to a town beset upon by an unnatural plague, and it was found it was caused by an once-dead force in an extensive dungeon below the town. The once-dead weren’t unlike the creatures who ambushed us in the decrepit crypt KikTik, LakLak and I once discovered. It was a type of fighting that isn’t typically what we do in the plains. Close quarters and compact, I wasn’t as strong as I am when mounted, but nevertheless, I believe I acquitted myself well, and suffered barely a scratch.

I was accompanied by four others, and I examined how they performed to analyse their ability to aid our cause.

Sigil is perhaps the most curious to me, with reasoning due to the cunning and perhaps secrets unseen that I can sense behind her facade of niceties and social manipulations. Her power is to do with he ability to gain leverage over her enemies minds, and I feel she would be a great ally.

Laithina initially treated me with a bizarre distrust in the form of probing questions based on my abilities and learnings. Similar to myself, her skills are aided by magical equipment that incredibly allow her to disengage combat and easily scale walls. Again like myself, she didn’t suffer an injury in our encounters, and I believe her skills would aid us.

Johannesz is the oddest elf I have ever seen. They are incredibly weird yet incredibly powerful sorcerer who draws their own blood to gather their power. Johannesz seems constantly distracted and vapid, but their power is immense if it can be properly directed.

Jason is an interesting case, and I didn’t get a full reading of his abilities, as he lost an important aspect of his equipment while we were defeating the great creature that was before us. I will say, however, if you required to get something from point A to point B, he would be the man to do it – for the right price of course.

I have heard tale of a hobgoblin army that this group fought against and had success against. The group were again noncommittal when I asked when they could assist us in the war, so I am planning an attempt to convert them. I believe the group intends to slaughter them so I am yet to decide how to go about this, whether I ask them for their aid, or attempt to sneak there myself or with only a few others, but I will let you know what I decide.

As the tribe,

Daxenth of the Fourth

Session 29 and 30


Did you find ships that would carry such a force?

Pass on this message and the package to the tribe.


My Chief and Tribe,

This letter is going to be beyond belief for some, but I give you my word upon my honour and the honour of my tribe that it is a honest retelling of events.

I was unable to rally the heroes to approach the Hobgoblin army as I mentioned in my last missive to you as they were organising a rescue mission for one of their members from another world. I offered my services to help, hoping to endear them towards our cause, and to recover artefacts or knowledge that would aide us.

Explained to me, the Shadowrealm is an alternate world to the one we live in. A parallel realm, if you will, that is very similar but also incredibly different to our own.

In some strange action of fate, we met with the lost member immediately upon arrival, and the party quickly set out to arrange how we would return home. I can confide with you, chieftain, that it was shared that we would require a point of great power in this realm to return to our own.

We entered the town, and were soon found by a woman wearing a colourful shawl – I should mention this world was one of shades, so this was quite unusual. She tells us the story of the great fort overlooking the town, which doesn’t exist in our own realm. We find that it’s actually the Fort of Dungarda, and I imagine this means to you what it meant to me.
Needless to say, the woman convinced us of our need to enter this fort and kill the creature that ruled it. It was then that we learned the creature was a dark one by the name of Forth. The very same that lead the army of men against our race, and drove us into the Plains.
We made our way to the Fort, and looked to avoid what seemed a certain trap by entering from anywhere but the main doors.

The ranger with us climbed to the top of the walls using her magical hand and footwear, and after she lowered a rope we clambered up after her. Managing to successfully pull Nibbler up after us.

After some investigation and intelligence gathering we determined that our best point of entry would be through the front door and we made our way back around there and decided we would take on whatever it may present.

Immediately in the entry hall, our eyes were enamoured by two great statues with precious gems for eyes. The party promptly assumed them to be dragons, but I corrected them as Wyverns. Sigil and Laithina climbed a statue and attempted to remove a gem, but this action activated the statues to life.

A battle ensued, and despite being in very cramped quarters, Nibbler and I acquitted ourselves quite well – killing one Wyvern and stopping its body from crushing the party. I have taken the head of the Wyvern to fashion into a helmet, and also took the hide. Side note, Wyvern meat is quite tasty, I determined the rump to be the best piece of meat.
We continued on and found Forth who was quite enamoured with Laithina for whatever reason. It turned out that he was just a projection and was using a puppet with illusion spells to manoeuvre it. He didn’t notice me, and promptly vanished.

We took a while longer, uncovering some of the many secrets that it held but time was our enemy and some of us waned. We pressed on, and after several battles with the unnatural, we found ourselves in the belfry, a single rope hanging down from the dusty room.
Of course someone yelled out into the room, and we were immediately set upon by gigantic spiders. Several of us were plucked out of the air and taken high up, but Nibbler and I countered their attempts and indeed we laid waste to the giant spiders. The two of us killing the most of them until our party was no longer imprisoned.

We headed deep into the Fort, and after narrowly escaping a trapped room with more deadly statues, we stumbled upon the Crypt. Names like Affasiak the Terrible, Tasha Lealand Healer of Kings, Ivan Idaig Winter Dog Racing Champion, and Perfect Cyril Romitalic High Priest Beloved By King and Queen, lay here with many more. If these names mean anything to our tribe, then send me the information as it may be worth our while to return to plunder these crypts as we did not have time in the end.

We found the Crypt of Forth, and our Paladin consecrated the grave. Forth did not like this at all, and the treacherous bastard screamed a blood curdling yell, waking all of the millions of bats in the cavernous crypt to attack us. Nibbler and I fought hard. In the beginning we charged about, ensuring our comrades were freed from the swarms of bats that pestered them.

Forth was a deadly foe, and his powers allowed him to achieve feats that no mortal could accomplish. It was a close battle, and through the efforts of our comrades, Forth was weakened enough that Nibbler and I were able to destroy his worldly body, despite him attempting to use his powers to avoid our strikes.

Using their specially designed weapons, the Paladin and Barbarian were then able to banish the mist he turned into. But I could feel our ancestors, in both the Shadowrealm and our own, speak out in a battle cry of agreement and satisfaction, that it was a ‘bold who ended his unnatural life.

I know that this letter is a lot to take in, and if I hadn’t lived it I wouldn’t believe it at all. Please take this sword as proof of my journey and check it against our records. It was the sword Forth was wielding when he perished.

We are to go towards An Geartha, and I will attempt to recruit the Hobgoblin army to our cause.

Your tribesman,

Daxenth of the Fourth

Daxenth Letters

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