Below is a current list of rumours discovered in Ameshirel, as well as where they refer to, who gave them to you (and where that person was), and how old they are.

These rumours should inform play, and be the basis on which Adventure Directions are set. Remember, though, that rumours need not be facts, and sometimes distance or time will modify the truth somewhat – it is always advisable to get a rumour as close to the source as possible – though doing so exposes you to more danger!


Current Rumours

INVESTIGATION/EXPLORATION: The Ruins Among the Plains – G: Aug 31.
“A lonely crumbling castle stands in the middle of Reims Pairc, devoid of love or life. And yet, the sounds of habitation can be heard within. Who could survive in such a forlorn place?”

HACK’N’SLASH: Fort Caomhnir – G: Feb 2.
“The northern fort of Caomhnir has been overcome by the magic of Merah’s Gall, but the bandits who were responcible – Atarin’s gang – are still at large!”

HACK’N’SLASH: The Sahuagin Threat – G: Feb 4.
“Many years ago the Sahuagin threatened the coastal villages of Croiglas – but we smashed them back. Now, it seems, they’re back at it again. They last came from an ocean trench to the west-south-west, and my bet is they’re there now.”

INVESTIGATION: The Grey King – G: Mar 20.
“A dreamscape, and the words of the Blue Knight told of ‘The Grey King’, a Fae child that had been stolen by Lord Velvet, or one of his scions. Whatever the case, someone seeks to drink its blood and reach apotheosis. Not only that, but the Blue Knight’s six brethren are still loose looking for their King. According to the Yellow Lady, a slain member of the Greyguard, a Blooded of Lord Velvet named “Treda” is in Choinnail, and seems to be behind the theft of the Grey King. After an encounter with Treda, he seems to be a Warlock of considerable power, and the ‘Grey King’ may not actually be in his clutches at all."

EXPLORATION: The Seam of Chimes – G: May 17.
“Captain Merkis Jernik, cursed by Rudderless, revealed spoke about a ‘Seam of Chimes’ which seems to relate to Apothesis. His writings said it was to the south, and you’ve recovered a charter towards it.”

HACK’N’SLASH: The Thunderstone Mines – G: ??.
_"After saving Rita’s brother, you discovered a secret mine behind the Mines of Airgead. This place seems desolate and to be holding long lost destruction. However, life is moving within, and something is drastically wrong… Additionally, undead have been sighted in the hills since!"

MEGADUNGEON: An Geartha – G: ??.
“Many issues still remain within An Geartha to be solved. For one, the Hobgoblins have not been entirely defeated, though their leader has been killed – seemingly replaced by a figure named Ommga. Secondly, a cult called the Order of the Midnight Heart seem to be experimenting on Ogres to create the perfect soldiers (this is bad news!). Third, there is a freezing staircase where only death and despair can be felt at the bottom. Lastly, Opal Lake apparently holds an Aboleth, and all the evil that it has infected the world with.”

Completed Rumours

“Breca, in Abhain, is looking for someone to find out what happened to their shipment of wine coming from the West.”

“A powerful wizard, Triskell, lives to the north west of Sabhail. They say he is good natured, but quite mad. They say he has walked the planes and lived. They say he has spoken to the Gods and gained their favour. They say he has been known to grant boons to adventurers brave enough to fulfil his crazy schemes.”

“A mysterious blue-armoured knight has been seen by the villagers of Sleib standing at the top of the Faefalls. Strangely, Johannesz, who is very familiar with the Falls has never heard or seen of this knight.”

“Gnolls have been sighted in Mor Foraois! They must be encroaching from the plains to the west. Either something is driving them from their homes, or they’re on the march again. Either way, it’s bad news for Croiglas Barony.”

“A ‘Yellow Lady’ has been seen in Sleib, and seems to have ties to the Blue Knight…”

“There seem to be strange “goatataurs” in an old ruined church deep in the south of Mor Foraois. They can’t be up to anything good, that’s for sure…"

“The lead you seek is “The Bereaved Harridan”, a shipwreck to the east across the mountains, passed the bridge where the battle was."

“Rita Eimey’s brother, Rowland, went to Airgead across the mountains a month ago looking for work in the mines. He was sending several letters a week at first, but nothing for the past two… Further, the Rockseeker brothers, two dwarves, seem to have ‘found something’ in the old depleted mines.”

“The Allosauruses have been killed, but the Gnolls are still in Croiglas. Ghengohru White-Eye’s army has been crushed, but the magical flail they were searching for eluded your grasp.”

“The Silver Sigil underneath Ngoc has once again been restored, and the mad designs of Wilarg Fordaye have been thwarted. However, the threats he spoke of are still at large, trapped in that nightmarish realm.”

“After passing through the village of Cossan, a strange thought struck Njord – no one there cast a shadow…”

“Sol Ban has been discarded into the Shadowlands, and Ban Sol has experienced True Death. Aben Wellson continues to be missing, but is assumed dead for his failure of Sol Ban.”

“A mysterious plague has been ravaging Leithinis. Suddenly it is there, and suddenly gone, month after month. The population is dwindling, and without their support as a coastal guardian, the farmsteads within Reims Pairc will be open to raiding.”

“Zozif seems to be stuck outside of time, floating freely in our world. We need a powerful magician – like Triskell – to free him and then we can get to the bottom of this terrible issue.”

“The Skalds of Bun Talam speak of a darkness to the south which has many of these fearless warrior-bards concerned. Could it be the Obsidian Spire that you spotted heading towards the town?”

“Noam was transported into the Shadowlands when she attempted to disrupt Sol Ban’s teleportation spell. Whilst the realm is utterly inimitable to the fae, Noam’s gnomish heritage should protect her beyond the veil… But for how long can she hold out against that terrible realm?”

“The Great Magister Triskell has travelled far to the north to deal with some ‘fiery headed tossers’ as he put it. However, Triskell hasn’t been seen since, and it has been over a month since he left. Added to that the strange fiery-orange pallor that befell the skies around the same time!”

“Ghengohru White-Eye’s army has been crushed, but the magical flail they were searching for eluded your grasp. The ghosts of the monks who once protected the flail claimed that only death and destruction can come from it.”


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